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Plea Bargains and Dismissals

Dismissing Your Case Or Accepting A Plea Deal

Plea Bargains and DismissalsBeing charged and charged with any offense in SC could be followed by quite a large punishment. You could be facing jail or prison time, high fines, a criminal record, license suspension, devastation for your individual or professional life, along with your future. If you should be facing any pending case, please contact a South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney today to help prevent these serious penalties.

Your Charges Can Be Resolved By:


Dismissal is whenever a prosecutor sees that there’s inadequate evidence to carry on along with your case. There has to be a high amount of proof to truly have the prosecution consider dismissal.

Plea Bargain

Occasionally an case could be solved through taking a plea deal. That is once the offender may adhere to admitting guilt to be able to ignore or decrease the costs which are levied against them. Occasionally, a plea deal often means that the sentence might simply turn into a good or probation.

Contested Trial

If you do not have your charges dismissed or accept a plea deal, your case is likely to be taken to a trial. During this trial, the prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of the charges for one to be convicted. You still get the chance to have the charges dropped during the trial depending on circumstantial evidence surrounding your unique case.

If You Or A Loved One Has Been Charged With A Crime…

…Please don’t delay–you need to call an experienced criminal defense attorney. We will help defend your case and aggressively seek the dismissal of your case.